About Qisheng optics company
QiSheng Optics Company combine structure including: The Plastic Injection Molding in 8 Class Clean-room factory;The CNC Machine Optical Metal Parts fabricators; The Lenses manufacturer and Surveillance Camera Assembly plant.

We had been to fighting for our dreams fifteen years ago in Shenzhen. Time flies, we are all over forty years old, but what we are proud of is that our team has achieved one by one milestone development. Gradually set up several processing enterprises of CCTV accessories products in Shenzhen, for example: a surveillance camera plastic parts injection molding processing factory, a optical lens barrel and the accessories machining fabicators, lenses manufacturer factory, and a CCTV assembly plant. laying a good foundation for the layout CCTV camera and optical products industry.

In 2009, We invested 300,000 yuan and created the first non-toxic plastic injection molding workshop which is the first 10-class dust-free (one m2 space with a diameter 0.001mm of dust no more than 10 pieces) in Qi Ping Village of Guan Lan Town. Profession injection molding plastic lenses and monitoring plastic parts, the PS boxes of optical packaging, injection molding medical equipment, injection molding plastic food packaging boxes, automotive lamps and other plastic products etc. Under the leadership of Liu Tao, the factory adheres to customer first, quality first, and the product quality has been recognized by Nitto, the world's largest manufacturer of shading films, and has been rated as a non-examination supplier by Nitto. Produced medical syringes for Beijing Medical University, chocolate boxes for Ferrero, and automotive lamps. Get the unanimous approval of customers. After 10 years of development, the plastics factory has a clean room of 1,000 square meters and 5 automatic injection molding machines with an annual output value of 10 million yuan now. The factory is implemented under the advocacy of Liu Tao: staff training is on duty, strictly follow the production management process, employee performance bonuses share the factory income, the factory is dedicated, full of enthusiasm to serve you, customize various plastic products for you.

In 2013, we invested 1 million in Shajing to form a CNC machine processing factory for metal camera lens and the accessories. The factory equipment is the most advanced Japanese Kitamura, Nomura CNC lathe. The production maximum diameter of these machines is 20mm, and the minimum hole diameter is less than 0.5mm. The part difference of the optical hardware products are less than 0.005mm, and the equipment is equipped with automatic feeding machine, so the factory is a really a lamp less factory. Under the management of Chen Yanfang, who has 20 years of experience in optical hardware production management, the factory adheres to the quality first, customer first, and has won the recognition of customers, and the business has steadily expanded.

As early as 2009, ChenHaibin, one of the founders of the company, set up Haoyuan Optical Co., Ltd. to develop and produce various lenses in Qouchang Town Huizhou city. The main products: wide-angle lens / megapixel lens / standard focal length lens / zoom lens / infrared night vision lens and so on. Mainly used for driving recorders, sports cameras, car rear view around 360-degree security monitoring, aerial drones, video doorbells, scanners, robots, VR panoramic cameras, IP cameras, smart identification, medical and so on. Under the leadership of Chen Haibin, the lens factory implements quality as the life of the company. After 10 years of development, the company has become a benchmark enterprise for lens companies and has a high reputation in the industry. Under the leadership of Chen Haibin, we have consistently adhered to the enterprise spirit of “Quality First, Delivery First, Service First” to satisfy every customer.

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